Any type of industries with products in sheet or web forms which mainly uses rollers in their production line. We aim on serving the industry using our high quality, cost efficient, and on-time delivery service.


Our rollers are used in the stamping line of the automotive industry for oil cutting purposes.

This special rollers are made with non-woven material which is manufactured in our facility with utmost precision and different finishing grade according to the Customer needs.

We are the first in Indonesia to manufacture this product.


The film plastics industry is an evergrowing field since plastics are now a part of our daily life essentials.

We also support this industry by providing rollers such as rubber covers with anti-static properties, special silicone compound for laminating, film stretching as well as corona treatment rollers.


The non-woven industry bubbled with the use of its material in the medical sectors, sanitary wears and diapers, which are all a part of our basic needs.

Through the years, we have been supplying this industry with our special locally compounded rubbers.


With extensive experience from our parent company Kansen Expander Industrial, we supply the paper mills with our Expander Rollers or often known as Spreader Rollers, catered for the high-speed usage in the paper industry.

Other special compounds with hard rubber and wear resistant properties are also available for uses in Felt, Wire, or Canvas Roller applications.

This industry is not limited to general copy papers, but its wide range such as newspaper print, tissue papers, laminated paper, cardboard/carton box papers, and many other specialty papers.


The plywood industry have always played an important part in Indonesia’s economy, as in the mid 1980s, Indonesia emerged as one of the biggest plywood suppliers in the world.

The use of rollers are very common in this industry and we supply extensively for the Feed Roll, Billy Roll, Anvil Roll, Coating Roll, Applicator Roll and their Glue Spreader Roll.


Through extensive technical back up and rubber compound supply from MEIWA RUBBER CO., LTD (Japan), we are able to supply the printing industry ranging from gravure printing and flexo printing with all sorts of rubbers from phthalates-free rubber, which can be used for food grade application, non-black anti-static rubbers, dust removing synthetic rubber based rollers, solvent resistant rubbers and other printing related rollers which can also be directly imported from Japan.


The steel industry requires heavy duty rollers as well as high-precision rollers in certain applications. Our joint venture partner OTAKA RUBBER CO., LTD specializes in supplying the steel industry.

Since founded in 1924, they have been continuously improving in which we are able to acquire extensive knowledge for this industry.


Textile Industry is the first industry we served and up until today still remains as one of our most important segments. Rollers are used in weaving, dyeing finishing, and for calendaring or embossing.

We are also able to supply textile machinery ranging from Calender / Embossing machine, which are manufactured by our joint venture partner DONGWON ROLL CO., LTD as well as machines from Japan’s leading textile machinery manufacturer Sando Tech, Inc.